JJC'ICON 2021 - Cours de Marie-Constance Corsi

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Marie-Constance Corsi is a Postdoctoral researcher at Paris Brain Institute in the ARAMIS Lab. She obtained a MEng (2012) from IMT Atlantique and a PhD (2015) degree from Grenoble Alpes University. During her PhD at the CEA-LETI she developed alternative sensors (optical-pumped magnetometers) dedicated to biomagnetic measurements. Her current research focuses on the development of tools to address the “Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) inefficiency” issue, reflected by a non-negligible portion of users who cannot control the device even after several training sessions. She essentially considers two main approaches: the search for neurophysiological markers of BCI training and the integration of multimodal data captured by innovative neuroimaging tools to enrich the information provided to the classifier. She serves as deputy secretary general of the French academic association promoting the advances in BCI, called CORTICO, and as active member of the Student and Postdoc Committee of the BCI Society.

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