Climate Policies [Nov. 6, 2019]


-- (MARION) We meet again today to talk about climate, indeed it’s a very present subject in our society given the current climate crisis. During the time States met and discussed the necessary measure to limited the aggravating consequences of climate change.

It is a subject which concerns the entire population so it’s normal that the opinions are various. So it’s for this that we have on our TV set Constance the founder of an involved association in the fight against climate change « Youth for climate Bruaysis » and Noha party member of «  Greens ».

Welcome to you…

Well Constance explain our engagement and our goal.

–(Constance)  Hello, my name is Constance Beghin, founder of Youth for Climate Bruaysis. I was contacted by several young people who wanted to fight for the climate. I found this idea interesting, very impactful especially coming from the youth who are more concerned than us because it is their land of tomorrow. It is reassuring to know that young people are mobilizing, rising up for their convictions. I decided to create this association, in order to make citizens react to the pollution of gauze, the non biodegradable materials, the toxic substances; which themselves are sufficient to destroy our Earth.

-(Marion) Thanks Constance we allow the talk to Noha, tell us our engagement.

-( Noha) Hello, my name is Noha and I’m a deputy at the French national assembly. I belong to the political party of the greens, this is why I feel very concerned about the topic of climate change. 

--(Marion) Well talking about politic do you think that climate politics actuals are enough to assure a safe future? For you Constance as an activist tell us our point of view.

– (Constance) So I think that climate policies are sufficient. I see that thanks to the actions of citizens who are mobilizing more and more. Previously, the young people of Bruaysis cleaned their entire city, as well as establishing a functional garden for the school and installing solar panels. We can see that collective mobilization can do great and beautiful things without state intervention. Let us take the example of Finland. Indeed, citizens have their own will to act to protect their environment. And I think that France will become so if it continues to act like this. I believe in the commitment of French citizens.

--(Marion) I see that, you Noha are not totally agree with what it say Constance so tell us our opinions.

- (Noha) Yes, that is true, but I think we must go over citizens’ acts which are not assured by everyone. I think that we should enact stricter laws on different plagues of pollution.    For example: plastic is a frabirc that takes more than 500 years to decompose like everybody knows and however, massives amounts (and mostly unseless) are produced and transported every hours. The principal targets should be the big chains of distribution and encourage them to find more sustainable alternatives. 

Moreover, an other plague, it is carbon emissions which are the principal source of gobal warming. Some countries of the world such as India or USA see their part of guilt increase since many years. We know it exits carbon taxes in France in order to limits the emissions from compagnies but we have to go over the public domain and target on aprivate level. 

--(Marion) Is that to establish a policy that concerns more the daily lives of civilians ensures its effectiveness and application?

-(noha) Indeed, putting politics on the civil population do not assure its effectiveness. We should really focus on the biggest actors such as transport compagnies or trans-national firms which produce a lot of pollutants. 

– (constance) In many countries, there are policies on speed limits and that is not why people respect them everywhere. Citizens are already doing it on their own, and that’s when a policy will only bring legal value to their actions. Show that these actions are valued, and that it is a duty of citizenship. It gives awareness to encourage people to make themselves, indirectly it ensures the effectiveness of a law.

-(marion)Okay so what solutions you think necessary?

-(noha) So, to also answer to your first question, I think we must instaure stricter laws concerning the production of pollutants and also limits those amount in order to 1st: avoid the useless extra of production and waste which only have negative effects and second: remove ou replace some materials with other more ecological and sustainable. 

– (constance) Here I agree with you. I think it is necessary that our daily actions be punctuated by the initiative to respect the earth. Gretta Thunberg is our spokesperson, she is a Swedish activist in the fight against global warming. She launched a school strike to force states to accelerate the ecological transition. It is a sensation at Cop24: 24th United Nations Conference on Climate Change. It is an example for all of us. My last words will be these few recommendations for our Earth of tomorrow: – less waste on food – adopt a «plant-based» diet : less meat, more vegetables – preserving our tropical forests – green life, car-free, plastic-free

-(marion) Good, so I was delighted to welcome you on this TV set today, I agree and I understand our opinions, I even think that our ideas are completed.

You can see dear viewers a politician and a citizen which is completed. Its a little step for Human and a big step for Humanity. Thanks that we may witness to a slow change but effective.

The earth could be better but for that we have to act together.

Thank you for coming in!

And now we move to the weather


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