Archivé 2023-01-01 "TVETCQ Erasmus Project - Block 1 Video : What is "Training System Design" @Ramallah, 2019 (Olivier LAS-VERGNAS)"

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BLOCK 1: What is training system design (TSD)?

Training System Design (TSD) deals with the general conception implementation and evaluation of a Training System.

TSD goes from the socio-economic analysis of the territory, the professional sectors or the companies concerned (forward planning of jobs and competences, employment branch and trade unions agreements ...), with ideas on the "Return on Investments" (ROI) that this training system will have on the socio-economic and socio-cultural situation.

The general method remains that of DESIGNING in general: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate and loop back (this is what is called the “A.D.D.I.E.” method)

It includes the classical “instructional design” (ID) which is focussed on pedagogical aspects of training. The main difference is the fact that TSD is focussed on socio-economical aspects rather than on pedagogy.

All the other BLOCKS (from 2 to 9) correspond to a TSD curriculum such as the one whch is followed here in Lille-France by our TSD Master degree  students.