Tvetcq Erasmus Project - Block 3 Video : "Focus on andragogy specificities for ID and TSD" @Ramallah, 2019 (Olivier Las-Vergnas)

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BLOCK 3: Focus on andragogy specificities for ID and TSD

- 3.1.the “identity dynamics” of adults (Dubar, Kaddouri), notions of individualization, personalization, "contractualisation" (that means seeing training situation as “training agreements” between trainer and trainee)

- 3.2.the obstacles (Bachelard) and the school footprints (or “sequelae” with the conative and scholastic obstacles from Las Vergnas), the "technology acceptance models ..." (Caron et al.)

- 3.3. the model of “learnance” (Carré et al.), and the other works about “relationship to knowledge” ; the importance of self-determination, self-direction and self-regulation of adult learners.

- 3.4. experiential knowledge (Borkman, Jouet Flora Las Vergnas ...) with a focus on “learning by doing, reflexivity ; the interest of explanatory interviews (Vermersch), biographisation (“life history” stream in adult education Pineau, Delory-Monberger, Niewiadomski), the VAE ("Skills assessment or Validation of acquired experience" – Merle, Lainé), the dual system with the concept of “alternance”, and today of the training in work situation (AFEST which means “work place learning” completed by a reflexivity sequence)

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