Tvetcq Erasmus Project - Block 4 Video : "Focus on the notion of skills" @Ramallah, 2019 (Olivier Las-Vergnas

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BLOCK 4: Focus on the notion of "skills"

Competencies or Skills framework were formalized 30 years ago as a new tool to replace "knowledge" in training evaluations and design (Le Boterf).

Training systems for Adults are not only designed to "teach knowledge" but also to allow learners to develop skills and know-how. As soon as Adult professional training is considered, it means that the main aim is to provide all the skills necessary for the exercise of a profession based on its specific reference framework. The skills must be described in the form of an action and a context in which we know how to successfully carry it out.

Today, training systems are described in the form of a segmentation of "skill blocks" necessary for the targeted occupations.

However nowadays this model is now being called into question and in the process of being replaced by that of "capabilities" (Sen, Fernagu-Oudet) which incorporates the idea of ​​a "conversion factor" that makes the considered skill is not necessarily transferable by the learner from one context to another.

That means that capabilities are described in the form of an action, context and conversion factors that can either prevent or facilitate their implementation in real work situations.

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