Tvetcq Erasmus Project - Block 6 Video : "Focus on Work Analysis and Professional or “Occupational Didactics" Approach" @Ramallah, 2019 (Olivier Las-Vergnas)

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BLOCK 6: Focus on Work Analysis and Professional or “Occupational Didactics" Approach

- the “analysis of work” (Dubar, Clot, Desjours) and the analysis of the professional activity (or even the phenomenology of the activity, for instance through “entretiens d’explicitation”), the genesis of the technical object (Simondon) and especially Rabardel with its model of the person who can be instrumented (tooled) by a tool and also instrumentalized (manipulated) by the same tool (see software and social networks)

- more generally and essential: "professional or “occupational didactics" (PD) should not be confused with the "didactics of disciplines".

The PD methodology goes from the fine analysis of the work situations of the professional activity to derive curriculum of skills and competences targeted by training. (référentiels des taches et des activités, de compétences et de la formation).

For that, it goes through interviews, observations, auto-confrontations ... from which it draws business references that themselves give the training references (after analysis of the skills of the people targeted by the training). Training system design (TSD) is based on linear combinations (an algebra I would say) of the references

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