Tvetcq Erasmus Project - Block 7 Video : "Focus on design of Professional Certifications and Diplomas for Adult" @Ramallah, 2019 (Olivier Las-Vergnas)

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BLOCK 7: Focus on design of Professional Certifications and Diplomas for Adult

and the notion of certification and market regulation of these certifications

Designing Diplomas and Certifications is a part of TSD related with macro scale strategies: the main issue is to organize lists of recognized diplomas and certificates, as a meta-curriculum, allowing training and employment pathways for inhabitants. It has to be done with simultaneous respect of occupation and employment forecast (see block 4) and of national and international regulation, such as for instance the L, M, D scheme.

For TVET in France for instance, in every professional branch the partners (training organisations, regional authorities and trade unions and big companies RH teams) has formalized  steering committees and working groups, to do this job periodically : they decide what has to be reactualised and also the trainings that have to be funded. This is called the “paritarism” of vocational training: it is one of the main pillars of TVET policies in several post industrial countries.

It is a national (and sometimes international) partnership work, It goes through the organisation of national, regional and sectorial “inventories of training” that can be funded. Besides, the main process is to formalize a kind of thesaurus of what partners call “block of competencies” framework (REAC) and partnerships between stake-holders based upon those “paritarist” committees that decide what will be fund (see for instance the video about the certification of  the “community cook”). In countries such as France, there is nowadays a lot of influence games between: those who form, who decide which standards are applied for, who decides who will be financed ... all this in a distance and international market

Of course, this issue refers to a formal economy more than to an informal one. However as soon as we have to deal to an international market the question of recognition of the certification and the diploma becomes a key issue.

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