Tvetcq Erasmus Project - Block 8 Video : "Focus on Evaluation of Adult Training systems" @Ramallah, 2019 (Olivier Las-Vergnas)

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BLOCK 8: Focus on Evaluation of Adult Training systems

The evaluation models have to deal with the same question of scales as the socio-economic analysis.

A very relevant tool is the Kirkpatrick model, which defines 4 levels of evaluation: Reactions, Learning, Behaviour, Results

The first level corresponds with the simple satisfaction of the trainees; The last has to deal to the effect on a territory or a company, months or years later; it is linked to the idea of Return on Investment (ROI), by which we try to modelize the cost effectiveness ratio, but it depends so much on the time scale that it's hard to build credible models.

Intermediate levels can concern the acquisition of competences and the persistence of these acquisitions after several months), real transfer (Roussel = about level 4 of Kikpatrick)

See for instance on  this figure :

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