Tvetcq Erasmus Project - Block 9 Video : "Focus On the rise of Digitalization and Blended Learning" @Ramallah, 2019 (Olivier Las-Vergnas)

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BLOCK 9: Focus on the rise of Digitalization and blended learning

The major transformation at work in the Training System Design (TSD) and Instructional Design (ID) fields is the rise of digitalization.

See for instance (in 2013, six years ago), :

Multimedia Pedagogic Designing (MPD): The interest of thinking in terms of “blended learning”. (or multi modality).

However Impacts of Digitalization on Design do not change the ADDIE process, but most of actual practices seem upset ... and some methods too. Use ADDIA having in mind the process of switching to "blended learning". For instance, “analytics” approach can modify the evaluation process.

With ADDIE, how to deal with digitalization in AID ? think Capitalisation, self directed learning, use Technology Acceptance Model (TAM), analytics, e-communities and integration of services. Be carefull that “e-learning” is not “e-teaching” (Las Vergnas about informal e-learning)

With ADDIE, how to deal with digitalization in TSD: Digitalization and blended learning ROI (Return on investments), ELR scale (meso-TAM for training organisations)

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