Headband Dilabs - Erasmus+ (community of practices and key competences) Dilabs - Erasmus+ (community of practices and key competences)

 Digital Community and Innovation in Adult education and basics skills

DILABS is part of a dynamic process to raise awareness about key competences and basic skills in a work situation. Our objective was to capitalise on experiences and teaching approaches. While digital technology plays an important role in training offer and educational practices, DILABS provides a set of online results (educational outputs in the form of booklets, online activities, videos, etc.) and examples of innovative practices in areas that foster collaborative work. Thus, we wanted to focus on analysing contexts in the project partner countries, analysing training situations, and identifying and pinpointing the competence in a given situation. Beyond the results and outputs, the strategic partnerships and innovation projects of the Erasmus+ programme enable people to experience a human adventure of sharing and to exchange practices. By being inspired by the experiences of our DILABS project partners, we enrich and develop our methods and systems as well as new ways of doing things, which therefore enables all the project stakeholders to develop their skills and have a clear impact on the final beneficiaries.

The project aims at supporting all stakeholders involved in adult education, vocational training and continuing education : from trainers, to coach, tutors, and managers in companies dealing with training, and upskilling, Thanks to a co-constructive approach with all the stakeholders we will foster innovation, and allow anyone to get access to key competences and customized training programs.

More details : http://dilabs.eu (With the support of the European Commission and Erasmus+) 

Productions réalisées lors du séminaire de formation dédié à l'activité et à la vidéo

Productions réalisées lors du séminaire de formation dédié à l'analyse de l'activité et à la vidéo 5 tournages ont eu lieu : -un cours de français -un cours d'allemand -un cours d'anglais -une séance de formation au crl -la cafétéria une heure de tournage (placement des caméras et prise de vue maximum) et quatre heures de derushage/montage il s'agissait d'un exercice très court qui permettait aux stagiaires de se sensibiliser au tournage et à l'observation de l'activité
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