TimeMan Seminar - Julien GUÉNOLÉ

March 24, 2022
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Atomistic Aspects of the Plasticity in Complex Intermetallics

Julien Guénolé

LEM3 – Université de Lorraine – CNRS – Arts et Métiers ParisTech, Metz, France


Intermetallic materials can exhibit complex crystalline and chemical configurations that make the understanding of their deformation processes a long-lasting challenge. To date, most of the atomistic mechanisms responsible for the plasticity in such materials remain unclear. Here, we propose to explore some of the unexpected features of the plastic defects observed in such materials, with a particular focus on the lightweight Ti- and Mg-base lightweight intermetallic alloys. Molecular static and dynamic simulations using classical interatomic potentials are employed to enlighten experimental results regarding the propagation of shear in the (Mg,Al)Ca Laves phase, including at interfaces, and the characterization of plastic defects in the Ti3AlC2 MAX phase.


Tags: atomic scale modedling laves phases max phases synchroshear zonal dissociation


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