1. Annet Dekker, How to Do Curating with Digital Art

Nov. 18, 2021
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What is the role of the curator when organizing digital art exhibitions in offline and online spaces? This presentation focuses on how digital art, alongside the experiments of curators, artists and designers, has opened the possibility to reconfigure traditional models and methods of presenting and accessing art. Moving from physical space to online curating I propose that the role of the curator changes. Whereas a curator usually decides and influences the way art is presented and valued, under the influence of online and networked infrastructures the curator becomes part of an imbricate socio-technical space in which art is created, displayed and distributed. Being enmeshed in different economic, technical and socio-political agendas, curating can be framed as a new space of performativity, shifting the question from who is curating to how curating is performed and processed. In the process, the presentation addresses how digital art challenges certain established museological values and precipitate alternative ways of understanding curatorial responsibility and art’s stewardship.

Tags: curating digital art


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